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ON-LINE         MARCH 9-11, 2021

The 2021 Conference Theme:
“Light the Way: Community, Compassion, Commitment”

Please join us for this singular opportunity to connect virtually with colleagues, learn from masters, build community, and continue our march forward into a season of change and transformation within our sacred communities. It is up to all of us to Light the Way into an ever brighter future, come what may… and the only way forward is together.

Yasher Koach to you all. And we look forward to sharing additional schedule and registration information in the coming weeks.

The 2021 Virtual Conference

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The 2021 Conference Highlights at a Glance

The 2021 Virtual Conference Speakers and Presenters


Major Speakers, Keynote Presentations, Panels and Break-out Sessions . . .

(partial list)

2021 Conference Keynote Speakers . . .

  • Rabbi David Wolpe
  • Rabbi Bradley Artson
  • Hannah Strasser Olson
  • . . . and more!

2021 Conference Featured Speakers, Presentations and Panels . . .

  • Shari Dollinger
  • Dr. Steven Specter
  • Barbara Feige
  • Susan Kasper, FSA
  • NAASE University Presenters
  • . . . and more!

2021 Conference Music, Mindfulness and Respite . . .

  • Nachum Peterseil
  • Chazzan Jeffrey Weber
  • Tizmoret A Capella Group
  • . . . and more!


NAASE University . . .

NAASE University at the International Conference

“NAASE University” is the fast-paced and very popular component of the annual International Conference offering opportunities for small-group, face-to-face, in-depth exploration of timely topics and issues. Offered in several simultaneous one-hour classes in consecutive sessions, NAASE U affords participants direct conversation with experienced colleagues and outside speakers, expert in the respective areas of synagogue management covered by the carefully tailored sessions. Some classes are specifically designed for veterans, and some for those new-to-the field, including a session for new executives to meet with more experienced ones in an unscripted setting. Informal in style and intense in delivery, some sessions feature single presenters, others bring together panels espousing related or differing approaches.

New to NAASE University This Year. . .

  • Play Nice in the Sandbox: Creating a Healthy Work Environment for Your Staff
  • Thrown Into the Deep End: Adapting from Association Leadership to the Shul
  • Man Tracht un Gott Lacht: Personal Experiences of Five ED’s in Retirement
  • Building the Perfect Social Media Presence and Website Experience
  • When the Unthinkable Happens: Lessons Learned in Pittsburgh
  • The Role of the Executive Director in Visioning and Planning
  • IsraelTalk: Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortability
  • What Will our Synagogues Look Like in Ten Years?
  • Saving and Investing for Retirement (The JRB)
  • Software I Love (From a Software Addict)
  • . . . and several more!

For more information about past years’ offerings, visit NAASE University.

“ExecNet Live” Roundtable and Informal Discussions . . .

The many discussion threads from the ExecNet listserv year-round provide fertile ground for follow-up discussions at your leisure, during breaks, and in informal gatherings across the three days of the Conference. Sometimes formally organized by theme, other times simply sprouting up from the shared interests of attendees over coffee, and among colleagues from across the continent. Each evening in the Virtual Hospitality Suite is a perfect time to informally continue and deepen such conversations.

Networking Opportunities . . . Panim-el-Panim (Face to Face)

Who is the right person to talk with? Who is exploring what possibilities? Who has been successful in areas that we are considering entering? To whom might we turn for first-person experience and answering key questions in the planning, evaluation and updating of key process and policy matters? More than names, our colleagues become our partners, our teachers, our willing influences, as professional generosity in person-to-person sharing, personalized conversation and availability reach new heights.

Retirement Planning, Consultation and Resources . . .

The Joint Retirement Board for Conservative Judaism,(JRB) is the plan administrator of the retirement plan for rabbis, cantors and professional and administrative staff for the congregations and affiliated organizations of Conservative Judaism. Founded in 1945, the JRB shares common religious bonds and convictions with the Conservative Movement and is led by a distinguished group representing the Cantors Assembly, the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Rabbinical Assembly and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, as well as the Jewish Educators Assembly and the North American Association of Synagogue Executives (NAASE). Their mission is to administer a 403(b) retirement savings plan that serves those who have dedicated their professional lives to the Conservative Movement by providing education and guidance to help them prepare for a financially secure retirement. Schedule a private consultation for during the Conference or after, by e-mail to or call (212)947-1676

Computer and Other “User Group” Meetings . . .

With so many software programs and synagogue management services in use across the Jewish communal world, these specially designated sessions allow for instructional conversations with company representatives and knowledgeable colleague users for a variety of discussions, exploration, assistance and support. If you don’t see a session for the software or service that you use and would like to discuss, listed on the final schedule, ask us and we will try to match you with colleagues of similar interest.

Presentations to Professional Certification Recipients . . .

Colleagues who have labored during the past year to qualify for the two professional certifications FSA (Fellow in Synagogue Administration) and ATz (Amin Tzibur Commission), are introduced and acknowledged at the annual Conference for their achievements. Read more about both types of professional certification here.

Share One, Learn One, Bring One Home . . .

While not a program element found in the formal schedule, the guiding principle is that attendees bring with them their best practices, their foundational insights, and their willingness to share, to teach and to influence. AND in return, we have every expectation that in the 40-plus hours of the Conference, we will each bring home one program and one procedure (hopefully, a lot more!) that will be ready to be implemented as soon as we return to our congregations! Some turn-key, others simply a germ of an idea . . all invaluable and energizing!

Conference Exhibitor Partners . . .

A small group of carefully screened and exceptionally qualified exhibitors demonstrating the latest in synagogue software, fundraising techniques, and numerous other direct and needed services are on hand, with time allocated to visiting with them and asking questions of them. Some of them are asked to also teach on specialized topics, and all are available for one-on-one sessions for after-conference follow-up.

Our Valued Conference Sponsors (list is in formation) . . .

                    SHUL SOLUTIONS

          DAY SPONSORS . . .
                    KESEF ACCOUNTING SERVICE

                    ADDICOTT WEB
                    LLOYD S. BERKETT INSURANCE
                    HBW INSURANCE
                    SOFER ON SITE

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