Committee Chairs & Special Project Coordinators

Committee Chair(s)
Administrative Resource Center (ARC) Andrew Burger
Amin Tzibur (ATz) Randy Spiegel, FSA, ATz and Matthew Halpern, FSA,ATz
Budget and Finance Gavi Miller and Geo Poor
Chaver Tribute Program Lynne WeissMarshall
Congregational Consulting Service (CCS)  
Constitution / By-Laws  
Professional Contract Library Susan Kasper
Council Of Retired Colleagues Malcolm Katz, FSA, Robert Hill, FSA, Bernice Levine, FSA, and Janet Baron, FSA
Distance Learning Tamah Kushner and Corie Hampton
Fellow In Synagogue Administration (FSA) Stephanie Krasman, FSA
Irma Lee Ettinger Memorial Lecture Harvey Brenner, FSA, FTA
Joint NAASE-NATA Task Force Harvey Brenner, FSA, FTA
Joint Retirement Board David Rothenberg, FSA, ATz
Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism Harvey Brenner, FSA, FTA
Membership/Engagement Lynne Balaban and Shari-Lipp Levine
Mercaz / WZO Liaison Harvey Brenner, FSA, FTA and Randy Spiegel, FSA, ATz
NAASE Conference 2022 Lori Dafilou, FSA, Hal Ossman and Joel Berger
NAASE Conference 2023 Hal Ossman and Joel Berger
NAASE Journal  
Network Partnering Initiative (Mentoring) Deborah Zeger and Gershon Levine
Nominating Committee/Leadership Development Fred Rothstein, FSA
Placement Services Fred Rothstein, FSA
Professional Surveys Tamah Kushner, Corie Hampton and Rivka Campbell
Regional Groups Barry Nove
Social Action / Community Outreach  
Sustainability Roundtable Lori Dafilou
Telecommunication Services (ExecNet ListServ) Kenneth Krivitzky
USCJ Representative Harvey Brenner, FSA, FTA
USCJ Disability Task Force Representative Deborah Zeger
Week Of Study (NAASE-USCJ-JTS) Gershon Levine
Welcoming Initiative Lynne Balaban
West Cost Institute Sheryl Goldman, FSA
NAASE Centralization Susan Kasper

From time to time, additional committees and projects will be added, and chairs will be assigned by the President as Association needs change.